The book’s intended use

Teachers in public schools today often have no budget for materials. I understand this and have tried to address this problem by creating and distributing an affordable and very useful economics textbook and workbook. In this vein, I would like to remind teachers that:

1. The book is intended to be used as a consumable student workbook. The very affordable class set price of $17 per copy reflects this. When the book is used in this way, you will not need to spend much time with note-taking as the students can simply add marginal notes to the lessons in the book. More class time can therefore be devoted to working out problems, discussing current affairs and engaging in group learning activities resulting in a richer learning environment.

If there is absolutely no money with which to buy books, a workaround can be to use your budget to buy 5 or 10 copies for placement in the library, and then give students the choice of either signing out a copy from the library (and returning it in pristine condition) or purchasing their own copy for $17. The schools that do this find that almost 100% of students choose to buy their own book.

2. If you don’t have the budget to buy consumable workbooks and are not permitted to ask students to buy learning materials it is fine to use the book as a class text and reissue it to students year after year.  I understand that some boards have very strict rules that leave teachers with few options.

3. However, what I don’t accept is teachers using the book as a photocopy master. If the book is good enough to use with your students, it is good enough to purchase for your students. As the cost to photocopy just the exercises in the book is about the same as the purchase price of a copy buying books for your students simply makes sense, especially if you take into account time spent at the photocopier.

I hate to be a nag, but it is useful to be reminded that significant time, effort and money went into producing Economics for Canadians. When you choose to purchase the book, you are honouring that fact and making it possible for me to continue to produce useful and affordable educational materials. Thank you for your support.

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