Ordering Season!

I have been pleased to receive some biggish orders from schools in Vancouver and Toronto this past week along with some emails asking for information about the book. I was very happy to receive this email from a teacher in Toronto about a week ago:

“I was looking over your publication.  I am interested.  I was wondering how much a copy would cost.  I might be purchasing a set if I can afford it.  A colleague of mine, Bill Velos, lent me a copy to review.  I was impressed. Very straight forward for the students.  Been teaching Eco for 15 years and the best one I have seen.”

Of course I am very grateful to Bill (who organizes the OBEA conferences each year) for passing his copy along for inspection. Incidentally, each student copy ordered as part of a class set costs $17, inclusive of shipping.

If you are interested in seeing an inspection copy of the book, email me at bryce@croecko.com and I will either connect you with a teacher in your school or board who already has received an inspection copy or arrange to send a copy to you directly.

Happy holidays!

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