New senior Canada and World Studies curricula due in the fall

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the updated grade 11/12 Canada and World Studies curriculum so as to check the new CIA 4U course against Economics for Canadians.

While the initial release date for the curriculum was a couple of years ago, I have been informed by the ministry that the curriculum is almost ready and will be released sometime over the next few months.

So, please check back on the website when you receive the new curriculum as I will be posting a document while will map the objectives of the course against the lessons in the book. I am fairly certain that the book will continue to be a good match as, according to my sources, the main thrust of the new course will be to strengthen the ability of students to apply what they are learning in class to ‘real-world’ events.

Putting such speculation aside, if you are planning on ordering copies for the 2014-15 school year, I would ask you to send in your requests by the end of next week as I am off to work in the Middle East after the middle of August. While I have contracted with a distributor to ship orders on my behalf in my absence, I would prefer to fill orders myself if possible. The ordering procedure, though, will remain unchanged- simply send an email to stating the number of copies you would like, the address to which you would like them sent and your preferred method of payment.

Thank you and best wishes for an enjoyable month of August.

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  1. Wes says:

    Looking to purchase the resource for my CIA4U course. Are you still able to sell it?

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