Crisis PDFs have been removed

In light of the school closures put into effect across Canada to contain the COVID-19 virus, I made PDF copies of ‘Economics for Canadians’ freely available for students and teachers in late March.

I did so as the book is well-suited to independent, guided study as it has short lessons with exercises which can be done daily.

However, now that the school year is at an end I have removed the download links for the student book and teachers’ guide. However, I invite you to look at the chart outlining which lessons from the book correspond to which curricular objectives from the 2015 update of the Ontario CIA4U economics course here:

2015 CIA4U Curriculum Objectives and Corresponding Lessons in Economics for Canadians 2020

If you did download the PDFs during the emergency, I would ask that you not make them available online. The books are my intellectual property. While I was happy to share them during the acute phase of the crisis, going forward I would prefer that people use the printed book which is, after all, less expensive to purchase than to download and print.

I plan to write a second edition of the book over the next year, as I only have around 300 copies of the first edition (published in the spring of 2012) remaining in stock. One improvement I plan to make is to include a partial solutions key at the back of the student book. Another change would be to make regular reference to the key concepts of the course, as suggested by the 2015 curriculum update. However, if you have any other ideas which would help to make the book better, please pass them along in the comments thread to this post, or by email to me at

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