Canadian Teachers of Economics resource sharing and discussion site

Last week it was my pleasure to present at the Ontario Business Educators Association spring conference. During the presentation we discussed how it is usual for economics teachers to be the only teacher of the subject at their schools.

To address this situation, I have just established a group entitled Canadian Teachers of Economics on I have created a number of folders for resource sharing purposes which I will be seeding with material over the next few weeks and which I hope other teachers will contribute to as well.

It is very easy to join Schoology – just follow this link:

When you join (and it is a good idea for reasons other than this group, as Schoology is a great tool with which manage student work as well) please look for and join the group Canadian Teachers of Economics. The group is identified with a picture of an old $2 bill.

The access code to join is 8DP77-5ZFP5. I chose to make the group a closed group in order to avoid having the discussion area clog up with spam promotional messages.

Best wishes and I hope to see you on Schoology soon!

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