Additional Exercises

Below please find some additional exercises, organized in order from microeconomics to macroeconomics to international economics. Over time, more exercises will be added.







Economics Assignment – Elasticity



Theory-of-the-Firm-Short-Answer-Questions (1)

Macro Quiz – Measurement, Business Cycle and AS and AD

Quickie Quiz – Measurement, Development and AS&AD

Data Response Question – Canadian Current Account Deficit Widens

Further Currency Diagram Practice Questions – Australia

Data Response Question – US Dollar Slump to Continue

Marshall Lerner Condition andTerms of Trade Worksheet

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3 Responses to Additional Exercises

  1. Jasmin Taylor says:

    Hello Bryce,

    I having been using your workbook for a couple of months now and find that it does an excellent job explaining concepts in Economics. I have tried to access the additional exercises but I am having trouble trying to open the zip file. Can you offer any tips?

    Jasmin Taylor
    Templeton Secondary

  2. Jasmin Taylor says:

    Hello Bryce,

    It turns out that there was a computer problem at my end. I simply changed the extension to doc or docx and that seemed to take care of the problem.

    Thanks for you help.

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